Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beginning the Pilates Adventure

Recently I saw a steal of a deal on The Ideal Network (this is SUCH a great website - I'd highly recommend. You get incredible deals on very practical and fun items and a percentage of your purchase goes to charities in your area - total win win). It was a package of 5 Pilates mat classes at Pilates on 10th in Capitol Hill.

I plan to use these passes starting next week and report back. My experience with Pilates has been very limited, although I did do a beginners' series class a couple years ago, and my cousin Robin is a Pilates expert who has hosted me at a couple of her private lessons in Carbondale, CO (Robin - I hope you will be a contributing Pilates writer in future posts!).

I really have enjoyed Pilates when I have gone to classes, mostly due to the multiple benefits all in one: proper breathing practice, strengthening, flexibility, stress reduction, etc.

Stay tuned for (most likely quite entertaining) reports on the classes....

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