Friday, April 1, 2011

Change in Scenery Tactic

Today my day started off NOT good for multiple reasons (which I won't get into). I arrived to work on the verge of tears, and when I walked into the room, my colleague was tears (I almost laughed but then realized that would come off in the wrong way). We decided to leave the office and go to our favorite coffee shop, Uptown Espresso. We each got our favorite drinks (surprisingly, non-alcoholic) and sat down in the comfy chairs to take some deep breaths. After venting, we just sat there and appreciated that we were in a peaceful, stress-free environment, away from work AND away from the triggers of our bad mornings.

I think that sometimes when we are on overload, it is so important to PHYSICALLY REMOVE ourselves from the (negative and/or stressful) environment we are in - even if it's just for 10 minutes. Someone once told me that if you are about to lose it while you're at home or work, to just leave and walk around the block. Even taking 5 minutes can bring you peace - even if it doesn't "erase" the problem. With more peace and less anxiety, you will bring a better person to the table when it's time to confront the situation.

Cheers to (hopefully) the rest of a good Friday...

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