Friday, April 22, 2011

Friend Shout Out: Celeste

QT with Celeste at Bick's Broadview Grill (one of my favorites!) a couple years ago...

Today I am posting a "shout out" to a close friend of mine, Celeste. I have known Celeste since 8th grade, when we played on the same club volleyball team. We went to high school together, and then parted ways in college. After college, Celeste stayed in CA and I stayed in WA. A few months ago, Celeste had the best news ever: she was moving back to Seattle!

After what has been a rough month (or two) for me, I have been continually reminded of how THANKFUL I am for Celeste's friendship. Here are a few reasons why (of many):

1. Celeste makes me laugh all the time. She is so funny...and random - and it's one of my favorite things about her.
2. Celeste is always honest with me, and is always able to be totally blunt without offending me.
3. Celeste is always herself - and nothing else (just ask her about the time she did a headstand in front of her entire legal department at work - note: a couple weeks after being hired).
4. Celeste knows what she wants and isn't afraid to chase after it.
5. Celeste loves yoga and has always encouraged me to practice - and goes with me to yoga!
6. When I'm going through a rough time, Celeste is always there to listen and give advice.
7. Celeste has always supported me and my work - she even signed up to volunteer at my non-profit's big event this month!
8. Celeste is always friendly and welcoming to new people.
9. Celeste is a VERY kind friend - she always treats me with respect and is pleasant to be around. This "friendship quality" has become more and more important to me over the years...
10. Every time I hang out with Celeste, we pick up where we left off and have a great time!

Thank you, Celeste, for being such a great friend in my life. I love you! P.S. "Om...recently!?"

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