Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love beer :)

Anyone who knows me knows that I truly love Beer. There is nothing like enjoying a beer with a friend at happy hour, in the evening at home, or on a hot Summer day.

I am somewhat of a Beer snob, in that I love trying the hundreds of microbrews that WA state has to offer (and laugh when I go to other states that have NO microbrews or other varieties on tap - it just kills me). However, don't get me wrong - I am known for stocking my fridge with Miller Lite (just happen to love it).

I like almost all kinds of beers - from Pale Ales, to Ambers, to IPAs, to Stouts, and Pilsners. My favorite of the year has been Porters. Many people see the dark color and assume that Porters are the strongest, richest, most hoppy beers out there but they are NOT. They are so pleasant and tasty - especially once you start drinking more of them. In fact, I convinced a friend of mine who is typically a "Hefeweizen only" girl to have a Porter with me this Summer, and she loved it (this was a proud friend moment).

Tonight I am drinking one of my favorites - the Black Butte Porter from the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR (road trip, anyone?). Would definitely recommend trying it out! I happily purchased a 6 pack this evening from Safeway for only 7 bucks.

I believe that beer, in moderation, is a total wellness factor. So cheers to that!

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