Monday, April 4, 2011

QW Pillar 2: Visualization

Here's to post 2 of my Quantum Wellness series, which happens to be one of my favorites.


In the visualization section of Chapter 2, Kathy explains that if we want to change the way we're feeling about some aspect of our lives, we have to "repattern" our energy by "feeding out brains" new images that are (hopefully) more positive ones. Kathy explains:

"If you stand up straight because you have visualized yourself as healthy and confident, people will most likely see you as capable and attractive - and will treat you accordingly. Which will reinforce that you see yourself is how people will see you; what you project into the world starts with how you experience yourself inside" (QW, p 26).

I love the last point Freston makes. It's so important to be aware of not only how we view ourselves, but the energy we put out to others, because in the end it relates to what comes back to us.

This week, I'd encourage you to take some time to think about two things:

1. How do I visualize myself (in general, in my day-to-day social interactions)?
2. What energy am I giving off to others?

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