Thursday, April 7, 2011

QW Pillar 3: Fun Activities

The third pillar in Quantum Wellness is Fun Activities. I'll keep this one brief - it's definitely important, but self explanatory.

Freston explains: "Planning a fun activity gives you something to look forward to and then a precious memory to fondly look back on. Sometimes when you are trying to work on your health, you forget that the most important thing is to love life. If things get too serious or strenuous, you will feel overwhelmed and lose momentum. Just made a habit of doing something really fun and lighthearted at least once a day; these moments or hours of sheer delight will keep lifting your level of energy for the rest of the week" (QW, 30-31).

I love how Kathy says that the most important thing is to love life - so true. When I don't make anytime for fun activities throughout a typical week, whether it's by myself or with the people I love, I get run down and discontent - even if I'm exercising, eating healthy, and working hard.

So - if you haven't done so already, schedule something fun for today for YOURSELF. :).

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