Thursday, April 21, 2011

QW Pillar 5: Exercise

The fifth Pillar of Quantum Wellness is more of a traditional health factor - Exercise.

Freston states: "By maintaining a moderate amount of exercise in your daily life (at least 30 minutes three to six times a week), you can significantly improve your overall well-being" (QW, 32).

Very true. Let's hope people have heard that message by now...

Kathy also adds: "When you breathe deeply, you relax your nervous system. Your blood also travels more efficiently to distribute essential nutrients throughout your entire system. And when you sweat, your perspiration detoxifies your body, helping to rinse out of your system all sorts of impurities that otherwise might have lingered."

Jillian Michaels truly deserves to be featured in this post...right Marianne? (Photo Source)

I love the idea of rinsing out your system and feeling like you're in a healthier, purer place after exercise. I'll admit that I've been inconsistent about getting tough workouts in for a while, but am hoping to get into a routine in upcoming months, especially as the weather improves and I work my way through my 20 yoga classes!

Tomorrow morning I look forward to having an awesome workout at the gym - and am making a goal to really push myself. After all, it's my favorite way to start the day!

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