Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vacation Appreciation

On Thursday, I got on a plane to go to Scottsdale, AZ, to meet my cousin, Robin. Robin is one of my closest friends and I've always considered her "the big sister I never had." I was beyond excited to get away (to lay by the pool in 85 + sunny weather) and spend some QT with Robin.

We had a great time (no surprise). The highlight of the trip was Saturday evening. We started off the night at the Terrior Wine Pub, just across the street from our resort (The Scottsdale Plaza). We had the best wine (and were especially impressed by the most generous pours we had ever seen in our wine drinking careers) and the yummiest food (including Brushetta and Lavosh, the latter which I am going to re-create at home). After the Wine Pub we stopped by the frozen yogurt place and then walked back to the hotel to soak our feet in the hot tub. Robin remarked: "I don't understand why the poolside bar is closed! I would totally get a drink right now" (note, it was 11:30 pm - but you have to give her some credit).

During the (sad) ride to the airport in the morning, Robin and I concluded how happy we were to spend four days doing absolutely nothing, without any plans - and how important it is to make time for that kind of time! Thursday through Saturday consisted of sleeping in until 9:00 am, a morning walk to Starbucks, hanging out at the pool from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (note: lots of wine + fab food + People Magazines + crappy novels daily), evening meals outside, and then movie nights in. We particularly enjoyed watching No Strings Attached on Friday evening, in honor of our cousin, Olivia Thirlby, who played a supporting role. Go, Olivia!

In conclusion, I am truly grateful that I was able to spend QT with Robin, and take time to do nothing for a few days - in 85 degree weather.


  1. Sounds fabulous! Very jealous!

  2. Margie - I'm sooo happy you were able to go on a vacation. You so deserve like, 10 of them. :) I really love reading your blog and am excited to read your future posts.

  3. Thanks, Andrea & Mariko! You two are so sweet!

  4. Yea! Margie thank you so much for a truly wonderful, restful vacation. I love our quality time together! It was awesome!