Sunday, May 29, 2011

Facebook FREE focus points!

Well, Day 1 of no Facebook went surprisingly well - it helped that I was coaching volleyball almost all day yesterday.

This morning, as I think about this week and what I want to accomplish (without Facebook) I have lots of ideas. So I've decided to come up with an official punch list (will report back after the week is over in regard to my success rate):

Margie's FB Free To-Do List:

1. Go to at least 1 Yoga class
2. Complete household purge + run to Goodwill (note: this is my #1 priority on this list, and will take the most time and effort for sure)
3. Get in at least 2 solid cardio workouts
4. Organize / clean-out book cabinet & bookshelf (yes, there are two "areas")
5. Read 1 book (part or all of)
6. Spend more time outside!

Sounds simple enough, right? We shall see...

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