Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Insights from Graduation: "A Decisive Moment"

On Sunday, my parents and I drove down to Tacoma, WA to attend my brother's college graduation at the University of Puget Sound (still can't believe that my brother graduated!).

I had the opportunity to hear from Cecilia Munoz, Deputy Assistant to the President and the White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. Ms. Munoz was a wonderful speaker and I really appreciated her straight forward, sincere message to the graduates, in her speech: "A Decisive Moment."

She shared three focus points for the students to "take with them" after college:

1. Study
2. Silence
3. Service


Ms. Munoz stated that the graduates should never stop studying: "know what you don't know." Even if they do not pursue further education, they still have a wealth of knowledge available to them at their fingertips. She said to never lose your desire to learn - it's key to our personal and professional growth at all stages of our lives.

Ms. Munoz talked about 'Silence' and how important it is to spend time in silence each day. We live in a technological age with constant noise, chatter, music, etc. She shared that during Obama's administration, practicing silence has helped him make several critical decisions. I like the idea of spending time meditating or sitting in silence to help us navigate through life and make decisions - or simply, to stop life and breathe.

When we serve, we often get more back than we give. It is our way of connecting with others, and enriches our lives. Simple enough, right?

Thank you, Ms. Munoz! My only point I'd add is to allow time for FUN - such as what my family did after David's graduation :)

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