Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little treats for self (Tallulah glossy mineral gloss)

I am a huge nerd - for many reasons. One example: I love, on occasion, treating myself to something small, for whatever reason I decide is justified. Examples: celebrating a big achievement at work, going on a 6 mile run, cleaning my entire home and taking a car load to Goodwill, starting a Roth IRA, or simply because I feel fabulous and want to celebrate being ME (that's right).

This weekend, I was able to get away from my cabin and go to Leavenworth with my friend Erin. We went shopping on Saturday, and I got a new lip gloss at this darling gift shop. It's called "glossy mineral gloss," and made by Tallulah. Yes, on a Tuesday afternoon at work, I am "this excited" about lip gloss.

This weekend I'd encourage you to treat yourself to something small - whether it be a new lotion, candles, a journal, a new book, a manicure, a nice bottle of wine, or a drop-in yoga class. We all deserve to celebrate ourselves now and then!

ABOUT TALLULAH LIP GLOSS (from haironthebrain.com)

"I’m a big fan of mineral makeup–but one product I had never tried until recently was mineral lip gloss. Tallulah Glossary Mineral Lip Gloss has made me a believer. Their volumizing mineral gloss is paraben free and boasts patent pending MH5, a mineral humectant that draws moisture to the skin–making lips look full and flawless.

Tallulah’s gloss is all natural, non-irritating, and contains Mica, a reflective material that provides sun protection and gives you a lip volumizing look.

I tried the gloss in Skinny Dip–a true nude shade with gold undertone and a slight shimmer, and Punk Rock Pink–a cool toned purplish pink with a hint of shimmer. I thought this color was going to be super bright on me because the shade looked intimidatingly, well, punk rock pink! But it actually looked rather subtle and gorgeous on.

The consistency of both glosses are fantastic. They are super moisturizing, not sticky, and they last. The color stays put and your lips stay soft." (Source: http://www.haironthebrain.com/2009/09/tallulah-mineral-lip-gloss/)

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