Wednesday, May 4, 2011

QW Pillar 6: Self-work

I really enjoyed reading about Freston's sixth Pillar, Self-work. Kathy states:

"In life, we are constantly dealing with people and situations that make us feel challenged or uncomfortable, and self-work helps us work through the emotions that come up so that they don't get stuck and poison our field of energy. Not only does self-work keep us from getting bogged down, it actually moves us swiftly along into manifesting more of our potential. Self-work means just that: working on ourselves. It means that we (1) look at where we are; (2) set some goals for where we'd like to be, and then (3) chart the course on how to get there" (QW, 35).

I am a huge fan of self-work and will admit that I'm a regular "self-work practitioner." I also find that I struggle the most in relationships with people who are unwilling to work on self improvement. I believe we can all work on bettering ourselves so we can be at more peace with ourselves and others.

This week, I'd encourage you to think about one area of your personality that relates to you and relationships, and pick one thing that you want to work on. ME: this week at work, I am going to try to work on being as patient and calm as possible when talking to angry clients. I can't change them, but I can change myself and my actions, and the way I react to their demands.

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