Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hiking withdrawal

While I always try to remain as optimistic as possible about life, I will admit that I have almost officially hit a wall with the weather in Seattle. I am convinced that this is the WORST (end of Spring) weather Seattle has had in my 24 something years living in the city. Every day I wake up and say "maybe today it will be 70 and sunny and I can go on the best run with my dog and drink wine on my rooftop deck until 9 pm" - and every day, that wish FAILS.

If there is one thing that I am looking forward to more than anything this Summer, it is the following: HIKING. While I'm worried Washingtonians won't have much of a hiking season this year, I am still looking forward to the thing that makes me happier than anything else: being outside all day, in the sun, away from noise/technology, breathing fresh air, and getting awesome exercise.

The photo above was taken from one of my favorite hikes near Stevens Pass: Merritt Lake. My friends Monica, Kendall and I went for the hike during the Summer after our Freshman year in college and had a great time...can't wait for a visit in a month (or two).

Perhaps the weather delays will make Seattleites more motivated to make hiking and spending time outside a priority - because we can't take the good weather for granted...

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