Monday, June 13, 2011

Starting the running journey

This morning I went on a run around Greenlake (note: the outer loop - watch out) with my friend Em. After a week of being sick, I was very impressed that I a) made it around the lake, and b) went for a run on a Monday morning.

Today's run was the first of about eight runs I've done over the past three weeks. After two years of saying "I want to start running again" and NOT running again, my recent success is rather exciting for me. I also have a furry companion for added motivation :).

This Summer, I've decided to take up running as one of my weekly exercises. I am excited to see how things go and what progress I make. My next step is to spend a little time goal setting and deciding on some bench marks (ex: sign up for a 5K? Ultimate mile time? Weekly schedule?). Conveniently, my best childhood friend, Lulu, is an incredible runner who ran for UC Davis XC in college. Recently Lulu gave me some awesome "running for beginners" (for lack of better words) tips that I'll be sharing in upcoming posts for this series. Also - Lulu will be my next Wellness Diva! I am very excited to share about this incredible, beautiful gal.

Happy Monday!

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