Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When NOT taking care of yourself catches up with you

This sums up how I felt when I woke up this morning (Photo Source)

Last night, I knew that I would hit a wall after an extremely tiring weekend. Looking back, I only remember one occasion in the past three days when I took care of MYSELF. Don't get me wrong - it was a fun weekend and I was thankful to spend time with great friends - but I'll admit, it was a bit too much in the end...

Translation: limited sleep + drinks every night + hosting 2 parties + 2 night outs in a row + work + volunteering ALL in 3 days = you will feel like CRAP afterward.

This morning, I woke up feeling horrible. I made a cup of tea and sat on my couch, watching the Today Show (and contemplating whether or going to work would be a possibility). Ironically, there was this feature story on working women & moms, and how women tend to take care of everyone - but themselves. We spread ourselves so thin that eventually, our habit of not taking care of ourselves catches up with us - and our health.

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After getting a dose of reality this morning (thank you headache, stomach ache, and runny nose) it made me stop and think about my lifestyle and my (continued) tendency to spread myself too thin. I realized that if I want to avoid these situations in the future, I will need to be really proactive about taking care of myself on a DAILY basis.

This means: getting 8 hrs of sleep instead of 7, going to bed early instead of meeting a friend for a drink or farting around on Facebook, not always signing up to volunteer, not going out 2 nights in a row, and cleaning my home instead of shopping or meeting up with a friend.

Focus points for this week:

1. SLEEP - make it my first priority (8 hrs minimum per night)
2. NO ALCOHOL (at least until I feel better)
4. No making plans

I hope to turn the corner this afternoon, but if I don't - at least I will have learned my lesson!

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