Thursday, July 14, 2011

The greatness of morning runs

Note: I hope to look like this in upcoming months... (Photo Source)

Last month, I decided to get back into running again. I made a plan to run just once a week, and go from there. Amazingly, my plan has not backfired, and I've been running twice a week since mid June. Most weeks have been 1 week day morning run around Greenlake and a weekend run around the Discovery Park Loop Trail.

This morning I went for a run around the lake, followed by a trip to Diva Espresso. I am continually reminded how great I feel when I start my day with a run. Exercise is immediately checked off my to-do list for the day (which means I don't have to squeeze in an evening workout) and I start my day doing something for myself that doesn't involve work or any stressful obligations.

Now with a month of running under my belt, my plan is to add a longer run to my week starting next week. I am excited to continue the adventure and see where things go!

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