Monday, July 18, 2011

WebMD: The Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep (17-20)

We've arrived at the last four tips from WebMD on getting a good night's sleep!

I hope you've found a couple of these tips to be useful. Last night I tried sleeping without my lap top in my bedroom and turning on my humidifier for white noise. The nix-laptop method worked, but my humidifier was way too loud. Tonight I'm going to try out a small fan instead.

17. Keep Pets Off the Bed

Apparently your pet's movement during the night can prevent you from getting into a deep sleep. Also, pets may cause allergies due to all the stuff they bring inside!

18. Free Your Mind at Bedtime

I love the idea of creating a night time routine about an hour before you go to bed. Also great to make a list of to-do items or things that you're worried about so you can close the file(s) before falling asleep.

19. Use Caution with Sleeping Pills

Good to know!

20. When Insomnia Means Something More

Most certainly it's good to observe when your sleep loss is a chronic vs. intermittent type deal, and to seek professional help if it will not go away.

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