Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Wellness Weekend in Bellingham

Random fact: Bellingham is my favorite city in Washington State. My love for Bellingham developed when I first attended Summer camp at Camp Firwood in 3rd grade. I was a camper for 8 years and then ended up Counseling at Firwood during my college years.

Lake Whatcom (Photo Source)

I love Bellingham for many reasons. Here are my top 5:

1. Bellingham is a beautiful city, situated on the Bay and just a short drive from Vancouver, B.C.
2. Bellingham is a smaller, "calmer" version of Seattle that still has tons of great stuff to do.
3. Bellingham is home to the Woods Coffee (my favorite coffee shop ever) and the Boundary Bay Brewery (gotta love their beer sampler).
4. Bellingham is home to Lake Whatcom, Lake Padden, and Lake Sammish - three of the most beautiful lakes I've ever seen.
5. Everytime I go to Bellingham, I feel completely at peace and go home feeling 10x better.

Link The Chrysallis Inn & Spa (Photo Source)

Last weekend, I decided to treat myself to a weekend in Bellingham at the Chrysallis Inn & Spa, my favorite hotel. My two days consisted of outdoor exercise, trips to the Woods Coffee, shopping in downtown Bellingham, wine by the waterfront at Fino Wine Bar, reading, writing, praying, sunshine, sleeping, several trips to the steam room, and NO internet use. I also was able to see my wonderful friends, Sarah and Heidi, who I worked with at camp many years ago.

Sarah and I at dinner on Sunday evening - so much fun!

The walk from my hotel to the Woods Coffee - not too shabby.

I am so glad that I was able to get away this weekend. As much as I love my family and friends at home, it became clear to me (after no breaks or vacations since mid April) that I needed to get away and do something for myself: A Wellness Weekend.

The outdoor patio at Fino Wine Bar - lovely.

If you feel like you've been on overload these days and could use a break from life, I'd highly encourage you to start thinking about a trip for yourself. Purchasing a plane ticket isn't even necessary! My drive to and from Bellingham took just over an hour, and I felt like I was far away from home. If you're the type that can't be alone for extended periods of time - bring a friend or significant other with you and split the cost! I've tried both options and it's always a great time.

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