Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yoga Finding #3: Friendship

Love this pic! Something to aspire to...(Photo Source)

Yesterday I went to yoga with my dear friend, Monica. I have been friends with Monica since high school when we tried out for volleyball freshman year. In less than one week, Monica will leave for London, where she'll live and work for at least one year! I am sad as I count down the days until Monica's departure, but I am so excited for what the future (and London) has in store for her.

Rarely do I get the chance to go to yoga with a friend. Most of my friends either do not do yoga or do not go to the same studio as me, so I typically go alone (and let's be honest - you never know how "interesting" fellow yoga class attendees will be in Seattle). Yesterday, my time with Monica allowed us to spend quality time together, get exercise, and walk away from class in a great "state of being." We both agreed how relaxing the class was, and were able to debrief over my famous Cucumber Spa Water after class.

Monica and I at the photo booth at our friend Andrea's wedding last Summer.

I learned that it's great to go to yoga (or any exercise class, for that matter) with a friend. You hold each other accountable and can share your experiences/findings with each other after class. I've done morning runs, weekend walks, outdoor boot camps, and various gym classes with friends, and it's always the most fun way to workout.

Thanks, Mo! Love you :).

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