Sunday, August 7, 2011

10 Days of Health: a realistic goal?

After yet another weekend of too much fun and feeling chronically tired (even with 8 hrs of sleep the last two nights!) it hit me that I needed to step up to the plate with my health. Unfortunately, I am (often) the queen of setting goals that I don't follow through with (usually because they're unrealistic). Thus, I wanted to think of a feasible "action plan." My result: 10 Days of Health.

Starting yesterday, I decided that I would commit myself to good health for just 10 days. I figure, more than a week would produce better results than 7 days, but two weeks might be overkill?

The key word that comes to mind: Discipline. Discipline is something that I feel very few people possess. I have some friends who are beyond disciplined in certain areas of their lives, whether it be exercise, eating, sleep, or spirituality. My friend Shawna works out Monday through Friday at 4:30 am without fail. She is in great shape. Her morning workout is key to her sense of peace and stability each week.

10 Days of Health - FOCUS POINTS (in order of priority):

1. Sleep!

2. Cut back on alcohol.

3. Exercise daily.

4. Eat healthy.

Join me in committing to 10 days of health! Let me know what your plans entail...and stay tuned for my findings!

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