Thursday, August 25, 2011

Colorado + Cousins = Calm

Last night, I got back from a week long vacation in Colorado, after visiting my cousin Robin and her family. The trip consisted of the following:

-Great wine
-Great food
-Hanging out at the pool (almost every day)
-Playing wit
h my little cousins, Jillian & Anna (Robin's daughters)
-Great conversations with constant laughter
-Walks around the neighborhood (past mountains, rivers, and viewpoints)

-SLEEPING...a lot.

I have made this trip every Summer for the past four years, and have never once debated going. For one, the trip is an incredible vacation. Each day I get to sleep in, go to the pool, drink wine, and spend quality time with my family.

For two, going to Colorado is a complete mental/emotional/physical recharge for me. Robin's home is located near Mt. Sopris, so I spend a significant amount of time outside, appreciating the scenery and fresh air.

For three (and most importantly), Robin and her family mean the world to me. Robin (who was also our Pilates Wellness Diva!) is one of my closest friends and I consider her a sister. Her husband (Alan) is amazing, and so are her two girls, Jillian and Anna. Jillian (5.5) and Anna (8) make me laugh every day. They are kind, loving, spontaneous, and absolutely HILARIOUS. Being with Jillian and Anna remind me that the simple things in life are what bring you happiness.

Some of my favorite pictures from this year's trip:

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