Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beginning the day with Blackcurrant Tea

Anyone knows me well, knows that I love tea. In fact, my last two roommates have had to deal with me claiming one of our kitchen drawers exclusively as my "tea drawer." I wish I was kidding...

One of my favorite types of tea is Blackcurrant tea, which I discovered while living in Scotland my Junior year of college. Blackcurrant tea is incredible. It's great as an everyday/morning tea - it has a little caffeine (but not too much) with a bit of a sweet and fruity taste. :)

To be exact: Fine black tea expertly blended with the juicy flavor of blackcurrants to deliver a distinctive tea with a strong, fruity aroma and sweet & tangy taste.

This post is dedicated to favorite tea-drinking friend, Erin, who is currently living in London and a regular visitor to the Twinings Tea shop!

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