Saturday, October 22, 2011

Joy from a photo

Photo taken by Heather Payne

The other day, I came across this photo of my friend, Wayland, with his baby, Sierra, in Rwanda. It was one of the most beautiful and happy moments I've ever seen captured in a photo. I loved the amount of love, joy, kindness, and intrigue shown by the children. It reminded me that true happiness and friendship is often found in the simplest ways.

Of course, being the outgoing nerd that I am, I reached out to Wayland's friend, Heather (who took the photo) to ask for her permission to share the photo on my Blog. I also asked Heather to share a bit more about the context of the photo:

"I took this photo in northeast region of Rwanda called Musanze. I was recently on a mission trip with my church, Bethany Community Church where we are starting a 5 year partnership with World Relief Rwanda (WWR) where they will be starting some local church empowerment and mobilization in that area. This picture was taken of my friend Wayland Cossey and his daughter Sierra when we were out visiting one of WRR programs called Mobilizing for Life where we were shown a new pig farm being implemented in a community and a church/youth center being built. Baby Sierra was a big hit with the locals where ever we traveled."

Thank you, Heather, for sharing your talents and reminding us about the important things in life! I am not surprised that Sierra was a big hit with the locals during your travels!

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