Thursday, October 27, 2011

NEW gym membership = NEW Margie

Note: I hope to look THIS awesome in about...3 months (Photo Source).

Last week, after MONTHS of searching and debating, I finally found the gym for me! I am BEYOND excited. For what felt like forever, I'd been looking for a gym that met a punch list of criteria, convinced that if it didn't meet all of them, I wouldn't make use of the membership (which was my problem the previous year).


1. Close to my home
2. Free parking
3. Lots of great class offerings
4. Good (NON SLEAZY) management
5. Positive energy / nice community atmosphere
6. Ideally - spa or sauna available :)
7. NO year-long commitment - month to month only!

I had visited American Athlete years ago but wasn't super impressed. No parking, not many classes, and I'd heard mixed reviews about the management from a friend of mine who was working there at the time. Last week (3 years later), I stopped by and was blown away. They have the nicest manager who gave me a tour of the gym and didn't ask me once about signing up that day. He told me I could come back to the gym to try out a few classes, workout a few times, and decide if it was a good fit for me (for free). He also offered me three personal training sessions and a free hour long nutritional consultation. Also - there was a SAUNA. Such a plus. I learned they had TONS of awesome classes, many which are available in the mornings before work (KEY for me actually going). In short, I signed up that afternoon.

Today I had my first training session with a new, younger trainer named Preston. He couldn't have been nicer. We spent the entire hour talking about goals, my fitness history, and brainstorming ideas for me. My biggest focus will be finding a fitness routine that integrates solid cardio and strength training each week, and one that's REALISTIC. Avoiding burnout and setting achievable goals is the most important thing to me these days.

So, I am excited. Stay tuned for updates. Today Preston and I thought of ideas for the 1, 3, and 6 month marks. We'll be evaluating consistency, hip to waist ratio, and body fat percentage. Sounds good to me!

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