Monday, October 31, 2011

Using Celeb Inspiration: Why NOT?!

Some may think it's a crazy idea, and some may think it's a GREAT idea. What I'm referring to is using celebrities as a way to inspire us in certain areas of our lives - whether it's getting in great shape, volunteering, trying to put ourselves together in the morning, or pursuing a sport. As long as we're realistic and don't strive to look "just like" Anna Kournikova, I think there's no harm in an added boost of inspiration.

I do have a few celebrities that I think are fabulous (even if some think otherwise) for various reasons:

1. General Fabulousness (and living a balanced life): Heidi

Heidi Klum is simply all around fabulous. In addition to being a mother, wife, model, and businesswoman, she manages to have a positive attitude and look effortlessly striking all the time (at least from what I've seen!) Note: currently considering her haircut...

2. Kickass Athletes: Alyson, Anna, and Kerri

Allyson Felix, Anna Kournikova, and Kerri Walsh have all inspired me to get to the gym, go for a run, and push myself in volleyball more than once (I find Allyson Felix particularly incredible). I love them because they are confident, hardworking, and give so much to the sports they're passionate about. Plus, who doesn't want their abs?!

3. Healthy Body Image: Kim and Brooklyn

Now, don't jump to conclusions. I do NOT use Kim Kardashian as a role model for everything, but I do love that she has a REAL body with curves - something more women should be proud of. For all I know, Kim embraces her body and is confident. She is put together, she's who she is, and doesn't care about what other people think. For that, I give her some credit.

I have always loved Brooklyn Decker. I once read that she got bullied growing up for being tall and maturing faster than her peers (those jerks are kicking themselves now!). I have always admired Brooklyn's confidence. She seems pretty normal too :).

4. Humor & Brains: Carrie (SJP)

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore Carrie Bradshaw - also known as Sarah Jessica Parker. I have been following SJP for years and have always admired her sense of humor and intelligence. She is a true career woman who has worked so hard at everything she's achieved. Plus, her character on Sex and the City is a semi-nerdy, over analytical writer, so naturally I'm biased :).

Sometimes we need an added boost of inspiration. Why not?

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