Friday, November 18, 2011

Wisdom from 10 Wellness Divas

Hanging out with Marianne (L) and Maria (C) - two friends who bring much wellness to my life!

When I started WellnessGal last March, I knew it would be important to me to feature friends of mine who exhibit wellness in various areas of their lives. My Blog is about knowledge sharing and inspiring others about wellness in small and big ways, and allowing others to be the vehicle in doing so.

In April, I decided to create a Blog series called "
Wellness Divas" (for the record, I chose the name only for the fun factor, not the logic). So far, I have featured 10 incredible Wellness Divas on my Blog. After re-reading each of their articles this week, I was reminded of how blessed I am to know such amazing women. They remind me that wellness is not a formula - it is holistic. There are so many ways we can benefit our mind, body, and spirit and they are living proof!

In an effort to highlight the past 8 months, here are my
takeaway points from the first 10 Divas.

#1: Sarah (La Artista)

"Art keeps me inspired and excited, and therefore happy and balanced. I feel lucky to have something in my daily routine that so instantly challenges, inspires, and affirms my life. Art gives me a focus and a strong sense of gratitude for the life I live in a city that I love."

#2: Ashley (The Fitness Rockstar)

"After I am done exercising I instantly feel better than before I started and I am always in a better mood. I feel better about myself and have a natural high. Also, on the days I workout, I make better choices and eat healthier throughout the day which in turn makes me feel even better! I think exercise is just the beginning to overall wellness."

#3: Mariko (The Rock Climber)

"I love that when I climb I feel free. I'm free of whatever work project I'm on, I'm free of any stress from a relationship, I'm free from anything that normally may consume my thoughts. When one climbs, you have to focus so much and get into your "zen". This requires a mandatory emptiness and calmness within you. You really can't think about anything else but what you're doing that very moment. It is a great practice of presence and observation of the moment."

#4: Katie (The Hot Yogini)

"At the moment, patience is the most salient idea influencing my overall wellness. I try to remind myself that I have the ability to find calmness is any situation."

#5: Robin (The Pilates Buff)

"I love Pilates for many reasons. It makes me feel longer, lighter, taller and toned. The breathing that accompanies the exercises is cleansing. Pilates is known for its abdominal focused work, and although it’s true that it will give you nicely toned abs, Pilates is also very therapeutic to the spine, neck, shoulders etc. It serves to strengthen our weaker muscles like inner thighs and hamstrings while relaxing our dominant muscles like quads, resulting in a leaner, more balanced body."

#6: Erin (The Volunteer)

"The bottom-line is volunteering makes me happy. I always get so much pleasure from talking with people, hearing their stories, learning about their culture and their goals in life. I’ve met some incredible people and get such joy from being a small part of their life. I feel like I’m constantly learning and being inspired. As an added benefit, volunteering also helps keep everything in perspective and is humbling. The best part is that volunteering offers experiences that have to be lived and cannot be bought. I wouldn’t be who I am today and have the interests that I do without these experiences."

#7: Lulu (The Runner)

"Running has provided a great amount of structure and clarity in my life. Going for a run resets my physical, emotional and thinking body. Often, I feel more capable in other areas in my life after completing a run."

#8: Megan (The Optimist)

"I'm in love with the word "Faith" and all it entails. I think having faith in yourself, God, life, possibilities, etc. is the key to living a beautiful, happy, peace-filled life. We all encounter moments where we doubt ourselves or maybe question why something happened, but when it boils down to it, it happened for a reason. We need to be accepting and embracing of what comes our way and have faith that everything will work out as it should. It always does!!!"

#9: Jessie (The Fab Yoga Instructor)

"I love teaching yoga because I feel that I am helping people understand their bodies better as well as encouraging them to love themselves. Our world teaches us to critisize and compare ourselves to others more than accept who and where we are in our lives. When I teach yoga, I stress embracing who/what/where we are in our lives at this very moment. To be in the present...and to accept ourselves in that moment...that is a true practice of enjoying life."

#10: Sarah (The Balanced Diva)

"You just have to stay true to yourself and what you enjoy doing, while also being cognitive of maintaining relationships that are important to you."'

Friends - thank you for inspiring others to live life well!


  1. Thank YOU for giving each of us the opportunity to contribute and HOPEFULLY, help, inspire and learn from others!!!