Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Resolutions's almost time for a new year - you might be thinking about things you wish you had accomplished in 2011, and wondering how you can improve your self and life in 2012...right?

For years I have been the queen of setting New Years' resolutions. Since I am a "list nerd," each year I eagerly write out a list of about 20+ goals, convinced I'll achieve them all. I end up accomplishing about 5 of them, 1/2 accomplishing a few others, and not tackling a handful.

After doing a few Google searches on articles about setting resolutions, I came across one simple, great article with three pointers I fully support. Here they are:

1. Less is more

Your NYR list should not be a long "grocery list." It's better to create less goals that mean the most for you - ie aim for quality over quantity.

2. Resolve to take baby steps

The article suggests setting up a "resolution calendar" that highlights baby steps to each of your goals. So, for instance, if you want to lose 15 lbs, why not track each 5 (or 3!) separately and celebrate your progress along the way?

3. Know yourself

This pointer was my favorite. It says that when you set goals, you need to know yourself and what is realistic. If your favorite thing in the entire world is ice cream, don't give up ice cream all together! The article states: "don't make outrageous resolutions you're likely to abandon after a day or two just because it's the "right" thing to do."

Let's hear from you!

If you are the resolution-making type, I hope you'll consider sharing your goals! Either comment on this article or email me with your ideas. I'd like to highlight a variety of resolutions in upcoming weeks to share with readers so we can hopefully inspire each other (and perhaps hold ourselves accountable).

The changes that I am making this year with resolutions:

1. I'm limiting myself to 5 goals maximum (not 20).
2. I am setting realistic goals
3. I'm ditching "number goals" from my list (ex: read one book a month, workout 5 days a week, etc).

Happy (almost) 2012!

Article Source: Callahan, Chrissy. "How to set realistic resolutions for the New Year." Dec 30, 2011. Website.