Monday, December 5, 2011

Are your NYs resolutions good resolutions?

This is a picture of my second cousin, Jillian (who I adore). My favorite thing about Jillian is that she is a free spirit. She's always WHO SHE IS, and nothing else. Jillian is spontaneous and hilarious, and doesn't think twice about wearing one shoe on and one shoe off. Read on for the relativity to this post...

The other day I was thinking about New Years' resolutions. After brainstorming a few ideas, I soon realized that my ideas were either:

1. Areas that I could (and really should) try to improve

Example of resolution type #1
: Work on being a safer and more patient driver.
-This is something that should not be an option (for obvious reasons)...

2. Areas that I could accept not being great at (knowing that I will never master everything in my life) and move on (for the time being)...

Example of resolution type #2: Keep my home and office consistently clean and clutter free.
-This goal is not only unrealistic but something that I should not beat myself up about as much as I do.

#2 made me think about a recent post of mine about acceptance. I learned this Fall that one thing I need to do way more often is accept myself for who I am - for my good days and bad, for all my quirks and imperfections. I need to have way more days where I say: "today is not a good day for me, and that is okay. I am feeling like crap and I going to sit on the couch and throw a pity party - I will move on when I am ready."

OR -

"I am not good at this (yet). I can't be good at everything!"

In an effort to be honest (and encourage YOU to be honest as well, because after all it is the best policy) I got thinking about some of the #2 related goals, or what I call "self realities"... things that I want to consider accepting about myself and moving on from this year:

My Self Realities

1. I over-analyze everything and talk a lot. It is part of the process I use to work through challenges so I can 'get everything out' and move on.

2. I do not react to rudeness well. I am okay with not being okay with people who are consistently rude, hurtful, and disrespectful to others. I do not want to invest in these relationships because I value being in relationships with people who treat others well, while acknowledging that there is no perfect friend and that I am not a perfect friend.

3. I love beer and wine. This is part of my family and culture. Sometimes it would not hurt me to scale back now and then, but having a beer with a friend after a long day of work or going wine tasting with friends are some of the best memories I've had in the past year, hands down. P.S. I have issue when I'm served a warm glass of white wine or beer, and am completely okay with that.

4. I am a bit of a procrastinator. I will always procrastinate certain things, and I can't do everything in advance. It's okay to live in the edge sometimes.

5. I am a planner. Could I be more spontaneous? Yes. But I'm okay knowing that I'm organized and like to plan things that are important to me.

6. I sometimes sleep in instead of working out in the morning. When you work full time managing a nonprofit organization, go to school, have a dog, and you're also a friend, sister, daughter, and a mentor/volunteer who wants to have fun in life, sometimes you are going to sleep in instead of working I will do tomorrow morning. :)

7. I tend to have lots of clutter around my home and office. I could work on recycling and organizing mail and paperwork sooner than I do, but for now, if this is the imperfection of my home and office, I'm okay with it.

8. I do not floss daily. I will never have perfect oral hygiene but right now it's pretty damn good.


Those are 8 self realities for now. What are yours? What will you accept about yourself before you work on change in 2012? Jillian would like to know (PBJ on the face, and all)...

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