Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Friend Shout out: Anna Tegin

A while ago, I did my first friend shout out in thanksgiving for my friend, Celeste. I am thrilled to do my second shout out for my incredible friend, Anna.

Here's the story:

During Thanksgiving weekend, I shared about a darling canvas print with a poem that I saw at a gift shop in Queen Anne that I just loved. The words really inspired me.

Last Friday, I got home from a long and exhausting day of work, and found a package at my front door from Grand Rapids, MN. I had absolutely no clue what it was. When I opened it, I pulled out the same print I saw at the store in Queen Anne! I could not believe it. I had no clue who sent it to me, and so I looked inside the box and found a delivery slip signed off by a "Ms. Anna Tegin."

Now here's the cheesy Oprah part of the story. When I saw Anna's name written on the paper, I immediately burst into (happy) tears. I was so touched by the surprise that I couldn't even say anything. I ended up calling Anna and leaving a voicemail (kind of hilarious, as I was comically in tears) saying: "this is seriously the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me." I just could not believe it.

On Saturday, I received a letter in the mail from Washington, D.C. (where Anna lives). Anna explained that a while back, she came across a canvas that she loved by the same artist as my print but held off on buying it. A couple weeks later, the canvas arrived in the mail from her Godmother. Anna wrote: "The point is that the canvas still makes me happy. You give me the gift of your words every day and though I cannot repay that gift, I can pay it forward. I hope that you enjoy the canvas half as much as I enjoy reading your blog. You are truly gifted and an incredibly special person. No matter how far away the light may appear, you have a bright one within you. You just have to look a little closer."

I can't express how touched I was by Anna's surprise and the note that arrived a day later. It was beyond kind and generous, and just what I needed after a long week (constantly worrying and on edge). I adore Anna, because she totally "gets it" and she "gets me." When she read the post about the canvas print, she understood its significance and what the words meant to me.

Anna, thank you for being an incredible friend, a constant cheerleader in my life, and a hoot and a half! I love you.

Challenge question of the week: Is there a way that you could "pay it forward" for a friend or family member you love?

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