Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm in LOVE...with The Good Wife

Some of you may know that a couple months ago I started watching "The Good Wife." I am seriously obsessed with this show. It is hands down one of the best shows I have seen in the last decade.

Tonight I finished the most recent episode (11) of Season 3, which was (of course) amazing. I am seriously convinced that this show has been a fabulous addition to my life in recent weeks.

Why I love The Good Wife:

1. I am in love with Will (played by Josh Charles). Don't know what it is - all I know is I adore him. Thank goodness for men like Will.

2. I love an excuse to watch Chris Noth in another show!

3. The Good Wife is fantastic because it doesn't fit into one of the overdone TV genres these days. It's not about a group of unprofessional train wreck doctors attempting to save lives. It's not a disturbing crime scene mystery. It's not a reality TV show. I believe The Good Wife has its own genre.

4. The Good Wife has allowed me to spend some much needed time unwinding, reflecting, and relaxing. I can't put a price point on a glass of red wine + The Good Wife after a long day.

5. Today's episode (that I watched) concluded with a beautiful, interesting song called "In the Dirt" by S. Carey. It was calming and intriguing. I love it when you get introduced to a new, awesome artist through watching a great show!

I'd highly recommend watching this show!

Night night, and happy 2012.


  1. I heard this is an excellent show. But I have not seen it yet. I might start with older episodes on Netflix soon.

  2. It is seriously amazing. Totally go for it! I've been using Netflix.

  3. Happy new year, i wish you the best love this post!