Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birthday reflections

Yesterday it hit me why we celebrate birthdays (or at least why I do):

Birthdays are what I call an "annual reminder" that we are loved.

Birthdays are a one day BIG pick-me-up. They remind us that we are not alone (no matter how young or old we are), and that we have friends who care about us who prioritize our friendship.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I woke up this morning thinking "That was my best birthday yet." It couldn't have gone better. My friends were beyond kind and generous to me this year when they definitely didn't need to be, but I was so touched by all of the thoughtful gestures.

Here are a couple highlights from the day :)

My friends Marianne and Maria treated me to a manicure yesterday at Hoa Salon in Roosevelt. We had a great time together and I love my nails! I brought one of my favorite everyday colors with me, Rumple's Wiggin' (pictured above). So glad I could get polished up (no pun intended).

When I got to my place after manicures, I had a "Christmas + Birthday" package in the mail from my relatives in Colorado. My favorite little cousins, Anna and Jillian had each made me their own stationery with handwritten notes! They also gave me custom Christmas tree ornaments with their school photos (beyond cute). Robin (my cousin, their mom) also gave me a collection of photo prints of Jillian and Anna which will soon be on the fridge!

Earlier this week, my friend Jessica mailed me a darling package in the mail, which included a fun birthday card and a little book of Friendship quotes. Jessica had highlighted one of the quotes for me:

"When people have light in themselves, it will shine out from them. Then we get to know each other as we walk together in the darkness, without needing to pass our hands over each other's faces, or to intrude into each other's hearts." -Albert Schweitzer

Last night, my family took me out to dinner at Jak's Grill (one of my favorite places in Seattle, especially when I'm wanting a great steak and glass of red wine). Before dinner, my mom gave me a couple gifts. One of them was this darling book, 100 Unforgettable Dresses, by Hal Rubenstein. It is truly girlie and a perfect coffee table piece. Of course, I immediately found a few of my favorite gals in the book, Sarah Jessica Parker (and the Sex and the City crew) along with Marilyn Monroe.

To end the day, I gathered with my friends at a bar in Ballard for birthday drinks (note: drinks is plural, not singular, and unfortunately I'm paying a bit for it this morning). Before I headed out, My friend Celeste stopped by my house to pick me up, and brought me these flowers!

Celeste had put together the bouquet herself! She said that it was her first time arranging one. I was so touched by the gesture. It was so thoughtful, creative, and sweet. Plus an added bonus: my house smells amazing right now!

The evening finished with a "bang" with a great mini party in Ballard. I was so thankful for each and every one of my friends who took time out of their day to celebrate with me. My friend, Jessica, stopped by the bar toward the end to make sure that I had a safe ride home and dropped me off at my front door. She also gave me a card with two tickets to see a movie together. What a doll!


It's my opinion that after a certain age (perhaps, 21?) that birthday parties aren't really "necessary." After all, we're adults. However, I've realized that birthdays are a great excuse for people to come together and have fun, especially as our lives get busier and we see each other less often. I didn't have any idea who would show up (or if anyone could) but so many of my friends stopped by to say hi and give me a hug. I felt so blessed!

I am thankful for my friends for their many acts of kindness yesterday. Also, to keep with the birthday theme, I want to say happy birthday to Anna and Emily, two of my wonderful friends who shared the same birthday as me yesterday! I hope this is a great year for the both of you.

"But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine."
-Thomas Jefferson (Quote Source)

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