Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Going to your quiet place

Lately I've been talking on my Blog about two related topics:

1. Meditation
2. Facebook free living

I am coming to realize how much these two topics are related, and wanted to dive in a bit more...

As a recap from last month, I announced that my friend Anna and I are not using Facebook during the month of January (so far, so good). We have many reasons behind this. Some of our key motivators:

1. Being intentional with our time (without Facebook)
2. Being intentional about our relationships (without Facebook)
3. Observing if/how Facebook has been impacting us on a personal level (ex: our self esteem, confidence, and overall peace in our lives).

Note: We will be sharing some of our findings later this month...

This morning, I received a fantastic email from one of my favorite professors in college, Bill Sonnega (Director, Media and Film Studies). I had shared with him about my Facebook detox, and he responded with the following:

"You are not alone in questioning the value proposition of Facebook. In the past year an increasing number of students in my courses have openly questioned their personal use but also the larger social implications of it. Partly this has been framed by "The Narcissism Epidemic," a new book by Jean Twenge I've assigned, which implicates some uses of Facebook in an apparent rise of egocentric and ironically isolating behaviors. Partly, I think, it's simply that the honeymoon period for Facebook is over and that critical users are rightly assessing its assets and liabilities in engineering social change."

For the record, I already have this book in my cart on Amazon and can't wait to read!

In another email, Bill stated:

"Re: your Facebook-free project, more prelim signs of a growing unplugged movement: http://amitaytweeto.com/thequietplace/old_version/ "

I absolutely LOVED checking out Bill's link - it is WAY cool. I encourage you to try it out today. I won't spoil what it is, but I will share the concluding remark:

"From time to time, stop everything you do and go to your quiet place."

It's possible that "going to my quiet place" could be the translation for my new practice of meditation (again, aiming for just 5 minutes a day).

When is the last time you went to your quiet place?


  1. Kudos to you for not using facebook! If my (real) friends didn't post their babies' pictures on facebook, then I would get off of it too. My husband got rid of his account, and he has been so much happier.

    I remember the world without facebook. It was only a few years ago. It was so clean and drama-free.

    Thanks for this post.


    1. Thanks for the input! It's nice to hear about your husband's success story. You are for sure right about the world without Facebook and it being drama free.

  2. OK, this post rocks. I do occasionally go on Facebook, but I quickly feel like it's a life-sucking way to spend my time. Looking forward to hearing the results of your experiment!

    1. Thanks so much! Did you try the quiet place link? It's pretty cool. I am looking forward to the rest of the month without FB for sure.