Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joy from a snow day!

Today I woke up and the snow had FINALLY arrived. After days of our news stations claiming "a major snow storm will for set in all over the city" and having it not set in (at least in my area), the snow finally showed its happy fluttery face.

My favorite part of a snow day is the peace and happiness that it brings (both individually and to the community you live in). It makes your day better because it's a fun surprise that helps you appreciate the small things in life - the beautiful outdoors, coffee in a real mug, an opportunity to do laundry and take care of your home, and QT in your sweatpants. Of course, work will continue today, just in a more relaxing fashion :).

Lucy is very curious about the happenings outside...

Quite different feel in my neighborhood without any cars!

Right now there are about 30 kids in my neighborhood going sledding down my street. The kids could not be more excited. I love sitting on my couch by the fire and watching them play. I was able to get out this morning with Lucy to introduce her to the snow (she experienced this once last year). I adore how bouncy and happy Lucy gets when she runs through the snow and when she has snowflakes all over her, including a chunk on her nose :).



  1. Nice to see the kids all excited. Our neighborhood gets pretty active too with playing little ones. I'm taking my daughter out too in the next minutes.

    Have a great (snow) day.

    1. thank you! hope you had fun today!

  2. I'm so jealous! Looks like the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some down time - and what better view could you have than gorgeous snow?!?!