Sunday, January 8, 2012

A love affair...with walking

This morning I went for a very long walk with Lucy. After an eventful bachelorette party last night, I knew that fresh air and exercise was on the top of my list for Sunday. I brought my camera with me to capture the scenery but unfortunately it died halfway through the walk so I was only able to get a few shots.

My walk ended up being the perfect way to start the day. It made me realize that walking is my own version of "mini therapy" on a good or bad day. It's a top item on my "happy list." Here is why...

1. I get fresh air and daylight (so important during the winter months!)
2. I get exercise and jump start my metabolism
3. It helps me clear my mind and de-stress (if needed)
4. Quality time with Lucy :)
5. I get to experience all the beautiful scenery that my city has to offer
6. I feel instantly energized and happier!


  1. Seattle certainly has good parks and trails for walking. And the air here is so fresh.

    Girlie Blog

  2. I love walking. Its my perfect stress reliever, my way to connect with friends, or to re-energize myself!

    1. Maria! You and I see eye to eye so often :). I love that you mentioned the same things as I did - too cute.