Monday, January 23, 2012

Props to my Mom

My mom and I in Leavenworth, WA over the Summer. Happy times!

Over the weekend, I had sent my Mom and Dad a thank you card to thank them for a few Christmas and birthday gifts. I also thanked them for taking such good care of me during the holiday season (yes, even adults need to be cared for!).

Tonight I received a text message from my Mom with the following:

"Went to the mailbox and got your brilliant thank you thoughtful and lovely. While reading it, not kidding, David called (from Safeway) to tell me spontaneously what great parents dad and I are. There is no American Board of Moms. That's as good as it gets. I love you guys. You are my life."

I loved getting this text message from my Mom because it reminded me of two things:

1. It's so important to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us.
2. The smallest acts of kindness can really go a long way. My thank you note (and my brother's phone call) took just 5 minutes to write, but made my Mom's week.

Happy idea for you!

Take some time this week to think about a mentor or caregiver in your life, whether that's a parent, aunt, cousin, sibling, spouse, or friend that has made your life brighter and better through acts of love, kindness, and unselfishness throughout the years. Then - tell them that you love them and/or appreciate them! I'm a big fan of a handwritten note (because I think it says a lot more), but a friendly e-greeting or phone call are also great options :).


  1. I totally agree with you. We all need to appreciate our loved ones.

    Oh, also, happy birthday to your mom!

  2. That's so thoughtful of you - I love that you took the time to let your parents know how grateful you are! Little acts of kindness like that can take just a few minutes, but can touch someone's heart forever!

    1. Thanks, Megan! It's very true. I know that my card and David's phone call meant the world to my mom - so sweet!