Monday, January 2, 2012

Puzzle down time

Note: it's a bit overwhelming when you dump 750 pieces onto your kitchen table...

I've never been the type to do puzzles. I've always said they're boring and take too long. However, in the past few days my attitude magically changed. For whatever reason, I got in the mood to do a puzzle so I could force myself to have serious down time during the holiday break.

My first puzzle was a 750 piece Re-marks Butterfly Puzzle. It was the perfect choice! I'd recommend giving a puzzle a try if you're looking to spend quality time with yourself and/or a friend. I love that the puzzle forced me to focus and forget about other things in my life for an extended period of time.

Step 1: The edge assembly...took FOREVER.

Butterflies are finally coming together...

Minor hiccup last night: SOMEONE stole a precious piece of the puzzle and decided to chew on it for a bit. Thank goodness I caught her in the act and was still able to use the piece. Yes, that is the classic "Lucy guilty face" (no eye contact).


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