Thursday, January 5, 2012

Self, meditation and confidence

This morning I received an email from my friend Monica. She shared a blog post entitled "2012 - a shift in consciousness?"

The writer shared her own 9 New Year's Resolutions. I really appreciated the overall quality of her resolutions, because they focused on treating herself with respect and prioritizing time for herself (big focus points of mine for this year).

The most inspiring comment for me was the following:

"Stop being so hard on yourself and just live."

I love this. It is true (at least for me). I am consistently too hard on myself, and it's one thing I'm working on in particular. I spend too much time trying to figure out how I "should" live or what I "should" do instead of just doing what I'm inspired to do. We should be living in the moment and doing what we're passionate about, instead of second guessing ourselves.

Here were my three favorite resolutions she shared:

1.) Do one thing everyday that inspires/nurtures the self. If each day is simply devoted to the stresses of work, commuting, and errands, it’s not much of a life, is it? These things are all necessities of life, but doing them doesn’t mean you’re really living. Take a moment each day to do one thing just for yourself. This could be sitting still for 10 minutes to breathe, writing for 15 minutes, reading a book, listening to music, whatever. Just make sure you devote that time to yourself, which is separate to the time devoted to running the machine of your life.

4.) Meditation: finding stillness every day, if even for as little as 5 or 10 minutes at a time. The methodology is simple: I sit in stillness, listening to my breath, setting intentions for myself and asking the universe to guide me towards my ultimate destiny. One of my biggest obstacles in life is that I haven’t been able to get clear on my life’s path and purpose. This is a biggie for 2012.

5.) Confidence. All of us in this crazy world have our own experience and vision of reality, and we’re all trying to navigate life as best as we can, with whatever tools are available to us in the moment. Stop being so hard on yourself and just live. Stop thinking that others have it figured out (they don’t… they may be confident in their particular experience, but that has nothing to do with your experience or who you are). Be confident in your own opinions, thoughts, decisions and accept the actions of others without letting others’ actions cast self-doubt upon your own.

What a great Blog!


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