Friday, January 6, 2012

Your NY 2012 plans!

The other week, I polled a group of girlfriends, asking them to share their resolutions. I was impressed with the responses, because they were so diverse!

While I don't feel that everyone needs to set resolutions, I do like the idea of sharing resolutions with each other because it helps us think outside the box! One thing I've noticed this year is that there's been a shift in the way some people now think of resolutions. The media standards tend to be "lose X pounds," "manage my finances," "get married," or "go to Hawaii" etc. They're all great resolutions, but sometimes they don't ultimately address the areas of ourselves that we need to change in order to see tangible results in our lives.

For instance, one of my resolutions is to be kinder to myself. One example of this is not beating myself up when I don't make it to the gym or don't meet all of my fitness goals each week. By not beating myself and saying "it's okay if I need to take a day off" more often, I'll be more inclined go to the gym because I will go when I really want to be there, rather than when I "should go." Added bonus: Less burnout. Hence, my resolution is no longer "go to the gym 5 days a week" like it was last year.

With that, here are your resolutions! Thanks for sharing, friends!

1) Learn a new musical instrument

2) Learn to sew

3) Start scrapbooking

4) Learn a new language


This year I'm committing to taking photo's and videos of people/places/experiences I love. I'm getting more forgetful of experiences and noticed I have hardly any pictures of people I love that capture real moments with them. I don't want to forget great moments, ya know? – Mariko

Value myself more, specifically regarding work. I'm determined to not allow work pressures to consume my life as they have in the past, and devote more time and energy to respecting myself. When the work day is done, IT'S DONE! Then it's time for me:) –Megan

I am running a half-marathon and chronicling the experience on a blog. :) – Anna

Get my new business of the ground and be proactive about marketing! – Em

My NY resolution is to cook vegetarian for a year. I'm not going totally veg because I will eat meat out or at friends' places, but I'm not going to cook meat myself. I hope that it will be cheaper and healthier. – Lulu

My overall new years resolution is about being intentional with my time. For me right now it means 2 things:

1. Charting how I use my time from when I wake up to go to sleep in one hour increments. This will allow me to see the overall trends with my time and help me to evaluate if how I spend my time reflects my goals and values.

2. Making a list in the evening of what I want to get done and how much time. For example, last night I had on my list a few small work items, one grad school, item, to spend time with my husband, and read from this new book on spirituality I've been wanting to start. Each piece had a time frame to go with it. Sometimes in the evening I don't start something because I think it will take too long, so the timing really helped! I don't need to read the entire book, just read for 20 minutes.

Thanks for asking Margie, it was nice to put this into words!



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