Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thoughts of empowerment

This morning, I started my day with (yet another) incredible walk. I did my favorite neighborhood loop to the Pocket Park and sat down with Lucy for a bit to meditate and pray. As I sat there, I thought "what impact would it have on my health if I started every day with a walk?"

I then began thinking about other possibilities of doing small things every day to improve my health. Some that came to mind:

1. What would happen if I took 5 minutes each day to meditate and pray?

2. What would happen if I took 5 minutes each day to stretch and do yoga poses? Photo Source

3. What would happen if I journaled before bed each night?Photo Source

I attempted to answer these questions for a few minutes, and it was incredible how optimistic the future felt. For example:

If I took just 5 minutes to stretch each day, I'd improve my flexibility. I wouldn't feel as sore in my hamstrings and back during the work day. My posture would improve. While stretching, I would have time to breathe, sit in silence, and get rid of negative energy that I might be holding in my body. I might be more motivated to work out. I would sleep better at night. Later in life, my body would thank me...

Years ago, I was talking with my Uncle about lacking motivation to eat and exercise as well as I wanted to. I still remember what he said to me: "You have way more power to accomplish your goals than you think." He shared that people who are successful in accomplishing their goals make their goals a priority and believe they can accomplish what they want to. I learned that I needed to (first) believe in my ability to achieve my goals, before taking action.

In thinking about these possible lifestyle improvements, I realized they may not be the most daunting tasks. Taking 5 minutes to stretch is not a huge undertaking or time commitment. However, if I want to make it a daily practice, I need to make it a priority. Sometimes I fail to do things because I simply forget to. One thing I'm going to do is post a small sign in my kitchen to remind me of these small practices, so I get a (daily) visual reminder of the things that are important to me.

What is ONE thing you could start doing each day to improve your health and happiness? How might this impact your life?

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