Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trying new things

Today I read an article from called "7 Ways to Change Your Life in 7 Days." I really enjoyed one of the points: "(2) Get uncomfortable and try new things."

The article stated: "One of the biggest reasons people get stuck in an idle state, instead of taking action to change their lives for the better, is simply that the process is uncomfortable. But to create positive changes in your life you have to step outside your comfort zone, at least for a little while" (Source).

My friend Marianne and I always said how "we do things we know we're good at." I'll admit that doing things I am not good at (or haven't tried doing) is something I avoid at all costs. This might be due to a fear of failure, but I think that in general I just don't like that uncomfortable feeling of doing something outside of my comfort zone.

One thing the article suggests is trying something new once a day. I like this idea (although once a week might be a more realistic goal). This could be as simple as saying hi to a stranger, going to a new workout class, going out on a date, or trying a new recipe.

What is one new thing you'll consider trying out next week?

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  1. I LOVE this!!! It's so hard stepping outside of our familiar comfort zone, but when you do the rewards can be amazing!!! Not sure of the new thing I'll try next week, but I'll get back to you :)