Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wisdom from Dove: Free, Happy, You.

My friend Erin and I have an inside joke about the quotes inside Dove Chocolate wrappers (we've laughed at them for over 6 years). 99% of the time the quotes (unlike the chocolate) are so disappointing they provide us with a source of entertainment after the unveiling. For years, we've been hoping that Dove wrapper writers would FINALLY turn the corner with their quote quality scale.

On this lovely Sunday evening, Dove writers did just that for me:

"Be free. Be happy. Be You."

I LOVE this quote. It's simple, but the best possible quote I could have asked for this month. I swear if I had placed the quote on my fridge last month I would be in a better place today - but that's beside the point.

I love the concept of reminding ourselves about our DAILY CHOICE to be happy, free, and ourselves. It's the best thing we can do!

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