Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pink nails on Saturday

Today is another beautiful day in Seattle. I started the day right by getting a latte at Starbucks and heading to Golden Gardens with Lucy. The water was just amazing (along with the Olympics) and it was the most peaceful, happy morning.

After a long walk with Lucy I went to get a manicure at Hoa Salon in Ballard. I pretended it was Summer and got bright pink nails! They turned out perfect and it was the best pick me up. After my manicure I went to run an errand and then took Lucy to the dog park. We're now at home, getting things done. I might even head up to the roof for champagne in the sun.

How are you going to enjoy your Saturday? Hint: the answer includes doing something for YOU.


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! I love it. It was a lot brighter than I though it would be but I'm glad I picked it.

  2. Love this and sounds like a perfect Saturday! FYI, I'm wearing an almost identical shade of pink :)

    I enjoyed my Saturday by being selfish... in a good way! Haha... I went shopping, took my time, watched sitcoms galore, and finished off the day with a marathon of Lifetime movies and some wine. No obligations, and no responsibilities... It felt amazing :)!!!

    1. Megan - that is awesome!! You day sounds like it was truly amazing.