Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy to be Sassy!

No, I'm not making a pitch for a sassy personality - I'm celebrating my success in attending workout classes!  Last year I got an online deal for classes to Sassy Fit, a fun (all female) workout studio next to my work.  I knew it would be a good workout solution for after my gym membership expired in March, and that if I could go to exercise classes (literally) across the street from my office, I would have no excuse not to go

Well, thankfully it worked!  I've been going to Sassy Fit about two times per week since late April and I have really loved it.  My first class was a VERY rude awakening - I hadn't pushed my body (strength and endurance wise) in a long time and was horribly sore for DAYS.  I first thought "what am I getting myself into?" but after pushing myself through a few more classes I got right back on track and am (now) feeling great.

I am really happy that I'm getting strength exercises back into my weekly workout routine.  I really believe that cardio AND strength is essential to a healthy body and a toned physique.  Going to all women group classes with nice and fun instructors has also been a mood booster.  Everyone comes to Sassy Fit just as they are and gives their best.  It's a really positive environment to be in and a great way to end my day after work.

The other really neat finding has been that my Pilates workouts (at Pilates on 10th) have complemented my Sassy Fit workouts really well.  I've been practicing Pilates for a few months and have become very aware of how important it is to be mindful of your form (and core) as you work through strength exercises.  During Sassy Fit classes, it's rewarding to see my form and posture improve as I work through the mat exercises.

The last couple months have been a good reminder of how important it is to use a holistic approach in exercise.  I know that when I'm combining cardio, strength, and flexibility into my weekly workout routine that I am a happier, healthier, and more toned person!  The pay off is great.

What are ways you combine strength, flexibility and cardio into your workout routine?  What is your favorite workout combination? 

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