Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The meaning of GREAT friends

This weekend I went to Staunton, Virginia for the wedding of my good friends, Seth and Anna.  It was truly a special, fun event and yes, I'll be blogging about the weekend soon.  In the meantime, I wanted to share a little story that I call "The meaning of GREAT friends."

Around 11:00 PM while I was at the reception on Saturday, I got a call from my dog sitter letting me know that Lucy had ran away from her and was roaming the streets of my neighborhood.  Of course, I was really worried when I heard this news but I knew I needed to stay calm and encourage my dog sitter to find her and support her in the best way I could.

As a result of this lost dog episode, I ended up learning what GREAT FRIENDSHIP is all about.  I call my friend Celeste who was at a bar in Queen Anne (having a perfectly nice evening) and she says "oh my gosh! I am leaving now to go search your neighborhood and the dog park."  I call my friend Candace who leaves her home (just a mile south of mine) to go walk the neighborhood.  My friend Shawna says "Roger. I'm leaving the house now!" and goes driving around my neighborhood for an hour looking for Lucy.   My dog sitter had three friends (along with her mom) search the neighborhood.  Keep in mind, this all happened on a Saturday night on the most gorgeous day in Seattle when everyone had plans to do great things that did not involve searching for a lost, neurotic rescue dog.

While I'm at the wedding, I eventually told a few friends about my situation so they knew why I seemed so off - they couldn't have been more compassionate.  My friends Ricardo, Nicole, Terrence, and Anna (the bride!) stop everything to give me a hug and tell me how sorry they are.  My friend LaRoy says "if you need to go back to the hotel I will walk you there to make sure you get in safe" (and he did just that - what a gentleman).

The next morning, my friend Maria goes to search the neighborhood during her morning walk.  My neighbor, Colleen, texts me to say "I just heard what happened.  I'm leaving the house now with my dog and dog treats and will search for her as long as you need."  My friend Shawna says "today I'll drive to the local Shelter right when they open and report a lost dog."  Celeste tells me that she's searching the neighborhood AGAIN.   That was when I had tears in my eyes as I was anxiously drinking my morning coffee.  All I could think of is "wow, the world is FULL of good people.  I am so lucky."  I can't describe how helpless and sad I felt, sitting in my hotel room in the middle of small town Virginia with a lost dog at home.  I could do nothing to control the situation, and my friends became the source of support that I (physically) was unable to be.

Around 1:00 PM on Sunday, I head back to D.C. with my friend Terrence, who drove me over 3 hours back to my relative's home before heading to the station to take a 5.5 hour bus ride back to New York.  Terrence patiently listened to me (and made me laugh a LOT) while I received countless texts and phone calls from friends.  As we were about 30 minutes from our destination, I got a text from my dog sitter saying that she had checked with an Emergency Vet Clinic and thought they had a match...

AND THEY DID.  Oh Lucy...you are ONE piece of WORK.  Grrrr.

I can't tell you how relieved I was, but I knew that good karma (and the support of so many amazing friends) was on my side. On my 5 hour plane ride home, one thing crossed my mind a hundreds times: I am beyond blessed to have so many incredible friends in my life.  


  1. What a touching story! So glad you got your pup back. And I am very touched by your wonderful friends.

    Also, thanks for the email. I suffered severe pregnancy nausea for the past few months (there's a blog entry about it in a recent post), but am starting to feel better. Very sweet of you to ask.

  2. You are truly blessed - you have such amazing friends in your life, and we're all fortunate to have you in ours. THANK GOD this story ended on a positive note! I was holding my breath there for awhile, haha:)