Monday, June 4, 2012

Caffeine free living!

Last Tuesday, I decided to give up caffeine cold turkey...for the foreseeable future.  I know - crazy, right?  During a recent trip to Colorado, I was chatting with my cousin Robin about our caffeine consumption and I somehow felt inspired to just take the plunge.  I got back from vacation last Monday night and began the adventure on Tuesday morning.  Yes, the headaches set in right away.

In the past, Robin and I have both nixed caffeine for 21 days (during a cleanse) and have definitely felt better overall.  Some benefits we've experienced:

1- better sleep (including falling asleep faster and staying asleep during the night)
2- stable mood (and feeling more calm)
3 - more energy (especially during the afternoon slump)
4 - saving money (goodbye $4.00 latte!)
5- better skin 

The above reasons all influenced my decision to give up caffeine last week - especially the sleep and $ factor.  During the past few days, I have fallen asleep so much faster - and more importantly, have felt my body saying "I'm ready to go to bed - now!"  Before, I had to almost force myself to magically "shut down" and fall asleep.   Such a refreshing change.

Another element (of caffeine free living) that I like the most is the idea of taking control of my body and how it's designed to function, as it relates to energy that is NOT fueled by caffeine.  My friend Sarah (one of our fabulous Wellness Divas) once said "I don't like the idea of my body being addicted to or dependent on something."  I love Sarah's point. Is it really a good thing if I need coffee to get through my day?

Today I came across a fantastic article online with a post by a guest author, Patrick, a triathlete who decided to nix caffeine and share about his experience.  I LOVE this article.  In one part, he talks about creating a different type of lifestyle or "routine" without coffee.  Instead of starting his day with coffee, he starts it with morning yoga/stretching (substituting a 15 minute coffee ground mess with taking care of his body for 15 minutes).

I loved the insights in the article and hope to experience a few of them myself.  Don't get me wrong - I love coffee and don't think there's anything "bad" about drinking it, but I am looking forward to seeing how I feel and how worth it it might be.  I'm also writing about it here to hold myself accountable!

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