Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A kick in the rear - the good kind...

Yesterday I went to another class at Sassy Fit (I had purchased class package deals for Sassy Fit a while back, and am almost through my first deal!).   Let me sum up the result of last night's class in six words:


(Note: this is the censored/polite version of what I'm trying to articulate...)

Yesterday's class was definitely rewarding (we had an awesome and enthusiastic instructor who is in amazing shape, which definitely inspired me!), but it was also very difficult.  As a college athlete and an experienced Summer boot camp attendee, I am used to getting my a** handed to me and pushing through workouts without much struggle (I actually like this kind of thing, and sort of and thrive off of it).   However, last night I walked away from last night's class thinking: "Holy s***.  I am glad I attended that class, but BOY do I need to get my butt in gear."  It occurred to me that because I have not been pushing myself (strength, cardio, and endurance wise) on a regular basis, that the class was THAT much harder for me.  I realized that if I started pushing myself regularly in all my workouts, I probably would not suffer as much in class.


Last night was what I called a GOOD kick in the rear - the healthy kind that motivates and inspires you to stay focused on your goals.  As I continue my Summer Health Challenge (please comment here to let me know if you are participating and how it's going!), I am glad to have had these "mini discoveries" to keep me grounded and thinking ahead.   If I really want to get great results, I will have to push myself and consistently make my health a priority. I hope you will join me in this effort! 

Challenge question of the day:  
Why would you NOT make you and your health a top priority?  What are hurdles getting in the way of taking care of YOU?  How might you be able to tackle them?

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