Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic inspiration

These two will inspire me for the rest of my life... (Photo Source)

If you know me, you know I LOVE the Olympics.  I love everything about the Olympics.  I can't describe the rush that watching an event gives me (think: the final leg of the women's freestyle relay yesterday).

This weekend I've been consumed by swimming, biking, rowing, and indoor volleyball.  I can't describe how in AWE I am of these athletes.  They have trained for years to be at this event, and (yes, combined with their God-given talents and gene pool) they have pushed their bodies so hard to become to athletes they are today.  Watching their form, hustle, strength, focus, and energy is absolutely insane.  Not to mention they have the most awesome bodies I've ever seen.  Talk about a goal to get more lean muscle mass...

Logan Tom went to the Olympics for the first time (Sydney) at age 19! (Photo Source)

As I watched the women's road race event this morning (with the greatest finish to a bike race I've ever seen by Marianne Vos), I thought "wow...the human body is capable of achieving amazing things."  Lately I've been thinking about how much I actually (do or do not) believe in my ability to accomplish what I want with my fitness goals.  While most of us never are born with the body (and willpower) to become a professional athlete, it is my belief that our bodies are capable of MUCH MORE than we think.

 Note: Missy Franklin is SEVENTEEN years old! (Photo Source)

What is stopping you from accomplishing your goals?  Are you holding back from tackling that 8K you always wanted to?  Getting on a strength training program again?  Losing 10 lbs?  Doing yoga classes?  Trying out a new sport?  Are you scared?  Not feeling the motivation?  Do you believe that you can overcome those barriers and chase after what you want?

Sidebar: You may have heard about the ESPN Bodies issue.  My favorite photo shoot was (of course) with the women's volleyball team (you can watch a behind the scenes video with the players and other featured athletes that's a lot of fun).  I honestly love this issue because it promotes healthy, athletic bodies.  These women are so naturally beautiful!


Thank you, Ryan, for making my weekend so happy...for obvious reasons :) (Photo Source)


  1. What a fantastic post. No, we should never let our fears get in the way of our goals.

    And yes, Ryan is a hottie.

    1. Thank you!! Agree on all accounts. Ryan has made my weekend so lovely :).