Monday, August 20, 2012

August Lessons

Lately I've been having countless "a-ha" moments.  Life lessons that come to me during the day where I go " closed."  The interesting thing is that most of these realizations have been so simple.  Collectively, they remind me how important it is to live in the present and be mindful of the little things.

I've been storing these random thoughts in my head and decided that I need to get a few of them in writing.  Hopefully they provide you with a little inspiration and/or a laugh :).

25 Life Lessons from the Wellness Gal (in no particular order)

1.  Candles are awesome. And sexy.
2.  Downward dog is an absolutely amazing pose.
3.  A loud, long, gut busting laugh is one of the best ways to get over a slump. 
4.   Spending time in silence every day is key to our health.
5.  Music can heal a broken human spirit (more about that later).
6.  Adding new chick flicks to my DVD collection is a definite "worth it" purchase.
7.  Outdoor yoga is one of the greatest things I've ever done.
8.  I love my dog.
9.  Spending time outside is critical to my health.
10.  Having a gym that's a beautiful facility in a beautiful location is key to me going to the gym.
11.  Drinking (lots of) water makes me feel a lot better.
12.  Reading great self help books can be life changing.
13.  Living in the present is so much better than living in the past or thinking too much about the future.
14.  "Never underestimate your power to change yourself.  Never overestimate your power to change others" (Dyer, Dr. Wayne. Excuses Begone, p 147).
15.  Don't waste time or energy on people who don't enrich your life and make you happy.
16.  Be patient and kind to strangers.
17.  Practicing yoga is one of the best things you can do for the human body and spirit at the same time.
18.   It's okay to cry.  Get it out.  Be real.
19.  When someone hurts you, it's rarely about you.
20.  Cucumber water is awesome.  So is hot water with lemon.
21.  Doing things outside my comfort zone can help me in the end.
22.  Writing in my journal is such a great mental health move.
23.  It's worth it to buy awesome pens (thank you, Gretchen Rubin)
24.  I am so lucky to live in this world.
25.  Know the friends who you have a spiritual connection with...and spend time with those friends.

More for later...


  1. Yes! I love this list. I agree wholeheartedly with them all, especially #1, #17, #25 :)

  2. OMG, Margie, I LOVE this!!! I loved reading about the things you're learning and loving, but it left me feeling soooo inspired! I think I'm going to steal a few of these and implement them into my day :)