Friday, November 2, 2012

Holiday home treats

Yesterday I was at the grocery store and decided to treat myself to a couple items for my home that I just love.  For the record, I got everything for a great deal.  I bought a large pumpkin spice candle with a beautiful matching candle holder, along with a gorgeous bouquet of white roses (the photo above does no justice).

Pumpkin and holiday flavored candles are one of my favorite home treats this season.  Now that the weather has shifted gears, I am really craving time at home to relax and enjoy my surroundings.  This also means blogging, which I have been behind on for the last two months.

In short, the flowers and candles are something for myself that are simple yet bring a lot of joy to my home, and therefore me.  What is something simple that brings you happiness at home?

1 comment:

  1. I love that you treat yourself like this - you totally deserve it! During this time of year, I HAVE to whip out pumpkin-scented candles. They're my favorite, warm my heart, and bring me a little bit of happiness. I always have them set up around my computer while I'm working - really sets the scene and mood, haha :)