Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Working out for 365 days - one woman's story

Today my friend Sarah shared a fascinating article with me about a woman who challenged herself to workout (or "sweat") for an entire year - that's right, 365 days.  Every day.  Even on her wedding day!

I strongly encourage you to read the full article (and interview), but here were two responses that I really loved:

So did you really sweat 365 days in a row?
Yes and no. I worked out for 365 days in a row but sometimes my body needed a break and I listened. Those days I would walk for 45 minutes in my neighborhood or go to a slower paced yoga class. I did not sweat (much), I just moved. It is important to listen to what your body needs no matter what your fitness goals are. When you are able to truly listen, you will be able to complete the goal a lot easier than if you push it so hard that it breaks.

Hit us with some words of wisdom – what else did you learn?
Like anything in life, you make the things that are important to you a priority. If you do not have your health, then you have no life. Deep, right? Take care of your health and cultivate it by providing yourself with a healthy lifestyle. You will thank yourself a thousand times over for all of the benefits that continue to unfold.

I really love the idea of listening to your body and doing what is right for you every day.  This weekend I REALLY pushed my body working out, but on Monday I knew my body needed to rest a bit but still continue moving and pushing through the soreness.  I decided to go to yoga last night, and it was definitely the right call.

One thing I've learned about fitness in the past year is that it's not about tackling intense workouts every day - but rather, listening to your body and doing something (large or small) every day.  If all I have the energy for (or what I need) is a 20 minute speed walk around my neighborhood with my dog, I do just that - and I don't apologize. However, when I don't do anything for a few days in a row, that is perfectly okay, but I just don't feel as healthy or happy.  It's not about weight or diet or checking something off my list - but rather, taking care of myself and my body.  Exercise for me contributes to physical, emotional AND mental health!

Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

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